Dear Publishers, Teachers, Librarians, Parents, and Students,

The Chocolate Lily Book Awards is a young readers’ choice award that encourages grade school students to read and enjoy some of the best fiction by British Columbia’s authors and illustrators.

In 2002, teacher-librarian, Karen Ehrenholz, wished to connect her young daughters and students with quality books created by writers and illustrators living in their own communities.

“The depth of children’s literary talent found in BC is remarkable!” says Gail Winskill, Publisher of Pajama Press and former Fitzhenry & Whiteside’s Children’s Publisher.  The Chocolate Lily Book Awards celebrates this home-grown talent.

David Bouchard, former school principal and internationally renowned children’s writer, encourages educators and parents “to read the books your students and children read and to discuss those books with them.  By doing this, you light a flame inside the child; you light a passion for reading.  It’s the best gift you can give because it’s the foundation of all other learning.  If children are strong readers they will fare well … and they will feel good about themselves.”

The Chocolate Lily program sparks a love of reading in the reluctant reader and enriches the strong reader’s passion for books. Chocolate Lily connects grade school students with the “Rock Stars of Children’s Literature” as Grade 7 student, Rohit, said at a previous celebration.

Support the Chocolate Lily Book Awards by registering a book club, school, or library. Your registration fee helps our non-profit, volunteer-run program. By doing so, you introduce your students to the best of B.C. children’s fiction and encourage a love of reading that will last a lifetime!


Best regards,

Karen Ehrenholz
Founder & Teacher-Librarian