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In response to the need for distance learning, we are providing the following information about availability of books on the Chocolate Lily 2019/20 list.


The information listed below is all from Amazon.ca; this is only one vendor and you will find the books sold in many other places, but we are simplifying by keeping it to one vendor for this notice. The prices listed were accurate as of March 31st. We definitely like to support our local book stores, and hope that if there is any (safe!) way for you to do so, you will go that route.

Vancouver Kidsbooks is offering curbside service. Order your books, and after receiving a confirmation that your order is ready, pick up the books safely outside the store. Your local bookstore may be offering the same service.  


All of the novels and chapter book/early readers are available through either Kindle or a free Amazon Audible Trial except for the chapter book The Lady from Kent.


Picture books are available on You Tube - The Bunny Band, The Night the Forest Came to Town, Sir Simon Super Scarer, Sterling, Best Dog Ever. Tree Song,  West Coast Summer and Robert Bateman the Boy Who Painted Nature.  You will find some links to the books in the Media Pages under "About the Program".


Chapter Book/Early Novels:

Where's Burgess by Laurie Elmquist is available as a reading by the author on Orca Book Publishers You Tube Channel..

The Lady from Kent is will be available this week  - https://soundcloud.com/user-369407957

Kindle, the free reading app can be downloaded by Googling “download free Kindle app” and following the links/directions for different types of devices.

In light of these exceptional circumstances, we have decided to offer the 2020 Chocolate Lily Award to all schools and home schoolers for free this year. We hope this will help with home education, entertainment and engagement with these wonderful made-in-BC books. Please email ahjansen@shaw.ca for the password. We will not be sending out further kits, but invite you to participate by sending us your votes to help determine who wins this BC award. 


Stay safe and enjoy these wonderful books!



Picture Books


The Bunny Band – 15.25 for a hardcover


Robert Bateman: The Boy Who Painted Nature – Kindle 4.99, as a hardcover for 29.95 and free as an Audible Audiobook with a free 30 day Audible Trial


The Night the Forest Came to Town – 19.75 for a hardcover or free as an Audible Audiobook with a free 30 day Audible Trial


Sir Simon, Super Scarer – 21.77 for a hardcover


Sterling, Best Dog Ever – Kindle 10.99, as a hardcover for 20.53


Tree Song – Kindle 7.99, as a hardcover for 21.73


A West Coast Summer – as a hardcover 19.75



Chapter Books


Bus to the Badlands –  Kindle for 4.99, as a paperback for 6.95


The Lady From Kent – 23.00 for a hardcover


The Great Googlini – Kindle for 6.88 and as a paperback for 6.88


Gordon: Bark to the Future –  Kindle for 5.99 and as a paperback for 8.00


Where’s Burgess – Kindle 4.99 and as a paperback for 6.88





A Blinding Light – Kindle for 8.09, as a paperback for 13.54


No Fixed Address – Kindle for 9.99, 21.00 for a hardcover and as a free Audible Audiobook with a free 30 day Audible Trial


Clara Voyant – Kindle for 9.99, as a paperback for 10.88, hardcover 14.70


Song Angel – Kindle for 3.76, as a paperback for 16.93


Krista Kim-Bap – Kindle for 5.59, as a paperback for 11.83


My Life as a Diamond – Kindle for 8.99, as a paperback for 10.84

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