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Chocolate Lily in Schools

"We've participated in the BC Chocolate Lily Book Awards for the last three years - students K-7 enjoy reading and discussing these books in multi-class groups and then getting to vote on which one should win!"

Barbara Parkin (she/her)


Dr. A. R. Lord School


It was fantastic to offer the Chocolate Lily Book Award at the small rural school of 50 students where I work as Teacher Librarian. Kids throughout our multi-grade classes were excited about BC books and creators! It was easy to get started by ordering from the Awards booklist on the ULS website. Then I read each book in the picturebook category with the K-2 primary class, read short excerpts from each early chapter book with the grade 3-4 class, and did a booktalk for each book in the novels section with the grade 5-7 upper intermediate class. From January to May, students read the books of their choice, shared their recommendations with each other, and discussed the books as a group with me. We made good connections through our reading, and students really enjoyed the opportunity to vote for a favourite book in their group's category. Participating in the Chocolate Lily Book Award was a highlight of the year at our school and I will certainly continue this activity in our school library program in future.

Tonya Lowe

Teacher Librarian

Denman Island Community School

"I thought it would be wonderful to showcase this selection of BC books in the library, so I applied for a Times Colonist grant to buy 5 copies of each book. Once I received my books, I worked with every class in the entire school (23) to "book talk" the picture books, novels and early chapter books. Students were invited to read the books and fill out the rating forms that were included with the CL promotional materials. Completed forms were place in a draw box from which I drew names for prizes every Friday. 

In March, we introduced the March Madness tournament, which saw every class in our K-7 school listening to read alouds of the picture books and then voting as a class for their favourite. City Day emerged as victorious in a tough battle with Burt the Beetle.

Then came Battle of the Books, based on the CL novels. Students in grade 4 and up formed teams. Each week we meet and take part in practice quizzes: sometimes with game buzzers and sometimes with the digital quiz game Kahoot. In mid-June I will hold an official Battle of the Books competition.

The huge benefit of a curated collection such as the Chocolate Lily is being able to get the whole school excited about a set of high-quality books than spans the grade levels. I think almost every child in our K-7 school could tell you what a Chocolate Lily is - both the flower and the books! I have loved watching their enthusiasm about this year's fantastic collection."

Kim Marks

Teacher Librarian/Bibliothécaire

École Puntledge Park


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